St. Camillus Dala Kiye

Country: Kenya
Location: Karungu, one of eight divisions of the Migori District, on the shores of Lake Victoria
Beneficiaries: Orphaned Children between the ages of 5 and 14 years old.

Nature of the project

Primary and Secondary Schooling.


The Project

Children beneficiaries of the project are followed until the end of primary school. These are children who, in most cases, do not have the resources necessary to complete primary education. The project involves a financial contribution to meet the school fees and food. These children are often victims of exclusion and marginalization from their community because they are orphans from parents died of AIDS. The need to offer these kids an education, provides a strong incentive for the local community to continue its efforts to support and aid to orphans.

The Context

The western Nyanza, a Kenyan province, in which is located the St. Camillus Dala Kiye is overlooking Lake Victoria, which has the highest HIV prevalence rate in Kenya. The figures are impressive: according to UNAIDS, the prevalence among adults aged 15-49 years is as high as 14.9%. In the region of Nyanza an estimated 302,000 adults live with HIV. In the districts of the region, the incidence of HIV changes according to various cultural, economic and social issues. In particular, the 70% of new cases are among the fishing communities in the districts bordering the Lake Victoria in which the prevalence of the virus is detected by 39.3%. The deep and widespread poverty in the communities associated with the devastating impact of AIDS have destabilized the community in many aspects. Orphans are adversely affected. They are children deprived of all the physical, social, economic and psychological which require for their growth and development. The network of social welfare of the community is failing so it is increasingly the case that children who run what's left of their families. Under the mask of discipline, orphans and HIV-positive are abused, abandoned and exposed to unnecessary suffering. These children are particularly vulnerable because they suffer from the lack of care and protection of the family.

Objectives of the intervention of the PRO.SA Foundation

Help stem the phenomenon of the early school drop out, and improve through access to primary education, living conditions and prospects for children and teenagers. Try to break the illiteracy and ignorance as a key to empower the poor living in the developing countries.

How to contribute

The annual contribution for the distance support of one child is 350 €.