The tribes of the mountains - Adopt a Village

Country: Thailand
Location: Chiang Rai, a town on the border with Myanmar
Beneficiaries: children belonging to tribal minorities, Akha and Hmong of Northern Thailand

Nature of the project

To provide education and schooling for children to improve their future quality of life.


The Project

Because they have no documents of identification, most of the inhabitants of the tribes of Chiang Rai area is not entitled to any health care and many children do not attend school. The lack of schooling, then, bring the adults to approach the world of drug trafficking and to make abundant use of drugs and alcohol.

The Camillian Social Center of Camillian Religious in the village of Sri Vichian is committed to ensure the education of children through contacts with families, making them aware on the right to education. The CSC along with other charitable organizations and the mayor of the village also realizes various activities to try to give Thai citizenship to the tribal children and to encourage the community to protect children's rights. The application of new registrations over the maximum capacity of the school is a sign of the increased awareness of the need for children’s education. The Adopt a Village project was born in order to give a possibility of an education to a growing number of children. The children of the mountain villages closer to the town do not need to transfer to the Camillian center but remain to live with their parents, thus reaching school everyday with a van. The distance support of a child covers the cost of enrollment, school, meals and transportation.

The Context

Chiang Rai in northern Thailand is situated in the piece of land called the Golden Triangle. Triangle maybe because it has almost the shape of this geometric figure with the two short sides that border with Myanmar on the west and Laos on the east. Golden is because this is the area, who knows for how long, where opium poppy grow. A product from which many traffickers in Thailand and neighboring countries have always derived much of their wealth. In this land, hidden in the forests, there are villages inhabited mainly by refugees from Myanmar, Laos and China; but also by "primitive" tribes because they have no ethnic ties with the rest of the Thai population. The tribal minorities of the North, the so-called "mountain tribes" are still semi-nomadic human groups, in part for not being registered yet at the Registry, so without personal or ownership of land documents. They generally do not attend school and do not speak Thai, but only their own dialects. They are going through a period of great cultural change, because they have to fit into the modern world and in the Thai society, more developed in terms of socio-economic development.

Objectives of the intervention of the PRO.SA Foundation

Improvement through access to education and training, the living conditions of children and young people by ensuring that they become important human resources for the betterment of the whole community.

How to contribute

The annual contribution for the distance support of one child is 150 €.