St. Camillus Health Insurance Program

Country: Philippines
Location: Calbayog, Samar Island.
Beneficiaries: families of farmers and fishermen and unemployed people without any form of health care.

Nature of the project

Identify families most in need and help them enroll in the national health care system (Philhealth).

The Project

In Calbayog City, thirteen years ago was built the "St. Camillus" Hospital with a capacity of 60 beds, two operating rooms, a delivery room, a laboratory, radiology department, a pharmacy, emergency room, the dental service and the rehabilitation center. The hospital benefits the population coming from the 157 poorest villages popped up around the city. The population is mainly occupied in the primary sector and is dedicated to fishing and the cultivation of rice, bananas and coconuts. For most cases, do not have resources to pay for health insurance. In 2008, a collaboration with national health authorities and the national insurance program, the "St. Camillus Health Insurance Program" was promoted to provide for the medical expenses of the population of the area. The program consists of entering the whole family to the National Health Care System by paying an annual fee.

The Context

After a prolonged period of economic growth, due to the global financial crisis, the Philippine economy experienced a sharp stop. With the crisis has increased unemployment and decreased the purchasing power of households. In 2010, the World Bank estimates that the global economic recession will cause 1.4 million people below the levels of poverty more than in 2009. The project activities are carried out in the island of Samar, the third largest island in the Philippines after Luzon and Mindanao. The island of Samar is one of the poorest areas of the country and each year is affected by a dozen of typhoons that destroy crops, infrastructure, and further impoverish the population. Throughout the island there is only one paved main road and the houses are built of precarious materials, wood or straw. Health facilities on the island are almost non-existent or ill-equipped and unable to meet the demand for medical care.

Objectives of the intervention of the PRO.SA Foundation

Through health insurance it will be ensured the physical health of a family, and contribute to the human development of people and communities in which they live.

How to contribute

The annual contribution for the distance support of one child is 25 €.