A better world for children with disabilities

Country: Thailand
Location: Bangkok - Lat Krabang district
Beneficiaries: children with disabilities living in poverty in the city of Bangkok.

Nature of the project

Encourage the creation of an environment in which children with disabilities can develop their potential, in the protection of their fundamental rights.


The Project

The Camillian Home is a care center for disabled children located on the outskirts of Bangkok. In addition to the programs for resident orphans, has started a project of day care for those children who, despite having a family, live in shacks and have no assistance. Every day, from the center, with a bus, a manager makes the rounds to collect the children of the countryside.
The physical health of an individual has fundamental importance and in the case of the disabled has it even more. The Camillian Home organizes courses and activities for rehabilitation and retention of physical well-being. A good physical health condition is critical to the development of the disabled person. The qualified staff that assists children pays particular attention to co-ordinate the various activities according to the needs, within our institution and with other institutions and hospitals.
At the Camillian Home children receive physical, psychological, occupational and educational therapy wherever possible, a lot of games, one breakfast, one meal and one snack. Children are brought back to life in a society where there is a strong marginalization of the disabled.

The Context

In Thailand they have begun to talk about the issue of the disabled in an open manner at the level of public institutions and social policy about twenty years ago. Since then to make people become more aware of the problem, two dates that have been pushed for the awareness of the problem, in 1981 the "International Year of people with disabilities" and in 1999 "Year of education for people with disabilities." On both occasions there have been national campaigns that have raised the level of awareness by promoting social policies in favor of people with disabilities and legislation in favor of the rights of the disabled. The mentality of the people who provide public services is also an obstacle to the achievement of the objectives, in fact, is typical of such persons to act and make decisions based on the idea that the disabled should always depend on non-disabled people. Such a mentality is a major obstacle for the development of quality of life of people with disabilities, the planning of activities and the development of a legislation in favor of disabled people.
Another big obstacle in Thai society is the belief, typical of Asian culture, that the disabled person is a sign of disgrace to the family, a sign of "curse" that does not bring prosperity and which indicates a "fate", a negative "Kharma" for the family.
A disabled person who takes part in public life is an image people do not see; the sense of compassion that generates calls to charity and to the idea that it should be confined to a corner.
Government institutes are crowded with children and adults with disabilities that however, due to a lack of investment and qualified staff, do not receive adequate attention.
The disabled person is then hidden, not believing that the disabled can develop useful qualities to take care of oneself, and could be of help to others.

Objectives of the intervention of the PRO.SA Foundation

Disabled children enjoying good health, they are happy and grow in self-esteem.
Getting adequate physical rehabilitation, in accordance with each individual's specific disability, they can grow physically and spiritually toward a maturity in accordance with their age.
The families are socialized to accept and manage children with disabilities.

How to contribute

The annual contribution for the distance support of one child in day care followed by the Camillian Home is 240 €.