Support a child adopting his family

Country: Armenia
Location: Plateau Ashtosk, province of Shirak
Beneficiaries: Children of poor families.

Nature of the project

Ensure the schooling of children, who are children of very poor parents, and contribute to the costs of maintaining families.


The Project

On 7 December 1988, Armenia was hit by an earthquake of magnitude 6.9 that has claimed more than 25,000 victims, tens of thousands of displaced people and extensive damage to infrastructure. By the will of Pope John Paul II, the Italian Caritas in 1991 built the hospital "Redemptoris Mater” to give practical help to the Armenian people affected by the earthquake. The hospital was entrusted to the management of Camillian Religious that has turned in the only institution in the country that offers free and qualified assistance.  Equipped with modern equipment and a number of specialist clinics, performs each year about 17,000 consultations. Among the activities of the hospital were set up 22 clinics in as many villages in the area and are made home visits, thus setting in touch with situations of extreme poverty in hundreds of families. With the project you can support the education of a child in these villages by adopting his family and contributing to school fees and supporting the family needs.

The Context

Armenia in recent years has had to deal with the difficult transition from a planned economy to a liberal model, the consequences of the terrible earthquake of 1988 and the backlashes of the conflict with Azerbaijan and Turkey. Since 1995 the economy has begun to have positive growth rates, but due to the international crisis, has slowed down considerably and the Armenian government has been forced to take out other loans with Russia and with the International Monetary Fund. In 2009, 50.9% of the Armenian population lived below the national poverty level. The national health system is free of charge and, on average, 61% of medical costs is borne the sick by that if the sick can not pay, is excluded from treatment. 
 In March 2009, the local currency, the Dram, has lost 20% of its value, causing panic among the population, and the race for stocks of essential goods has increased the prices of the products. Unfortunately, the situation has not improved in recent years.

Objectives of the intervention of the PRO.SA Foundation

Ensure the completion of primary school in an ever increasing number of children living in difficult family situations to develop both in them and in their surrounding environment bigger and better preparation for their lives in the community. Education is one of the essential conditions for these children to have a better future life, because it contributes significantly to exclude the process of segregation that sees them to be involved in.

How to contribute

The annual contribution for the distance support of one family is 324 €.