St. Camillus Dala Kiye

Country: Kenya
Location: Karungu - Migori District, on the shores of Lake Victoria.
Beneficiaries: Orphans living with HIV and AIDS.

Nature of the Project

Hospitality and Health Care

The Project

The project takes care of 60 children, suffering from AIDS and treated with antiretroviral therapy, followed by 6 maternal figures and hosted in many houses in the center of Dala Kiye.
The children participate in activities of the Center and attend the School BLTezza that is located within the complex, but maintain a constant contact with the surrounding community and their families of origin. Their education is carried out by qualified educators who accompany them in their human growth and youth work.
It is widely recognized that the family should be primarily responsible for the nourishment, care and the education of the children and should teach them the knowledge of the rules and values of their culture. Moreover, within the full and harmonious development of their personality, and should let them grow in a happy, inclusive and loving family environment. The program has been operational since 2006 and integrated into the cultural and geographical reality where the children belong to, so as not to be eradicated from their communities. Family homes are operating with a capacity of ten children each. The annual cost of maintaining a house is €uro 10.000,00. The staff consists of professionals. This includes the program manager, the project assistant, the social worker and 13 alternate adoptive "mothers", with shifts of two weeks in the children’s management.
The state of children's health is constantly monitored by doctors at St. Camillus Mission Hospital.
The main objective of the project is to improve the quality of lives of orphans suffering from AIDS.
Much has been done and a lot more will need to be done because the community is able to intervene actively in the program. Through the involvement of the community to participate, contribute and vote in the choices that relate to AIDS orphans living in the houses, it is seen that also increases the sense of belonging to the program.

The Context

The western Nyanza, a Kenyan province, in which is located the St. Camillus Dala Kiye is overlooking Lake Victoria, which has the highest HIV prevalence rate in Kenya. The figures are impressive: according to UNAIDS, the prevalence among adults aged 15-49 years is as high as 14.9%. In the region of Nyanza it is estimated 302,000 adults living with HIV. In the districts of the region, the incidence of HIV changes according to various cultural, economic and social issues. In particular, the 70% of new cases are among the fishing communities in the districts bordering the Lake Victoria in which the prevalence of the virus is detected by 39.3%. The deep and widespread poverty in the communities associated with the devastating impact of AIDS have destabilized the community in many aspects. Orphans are adversely affected. They are children deprived of all the physical, social, economic and psychological which require for their growth and development. The network of social welfare of the community is failing so it is increasingly the case that children who run what's left of their families. Under the mask of discipline, orphans of HIV-positive are abused, abandoned and exposed to unnecessary suffering. These children are particularly vulnerable because they suffer from the lack of care and family protections.

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