Rehabilitation and development after Hurricane Matthew

Country: Haiti
Location: Marfranc and Ranja (Jeremie)
Beneficiaries: 53 children in  Marfranc e 73 families in Ranja

Nature of the projects

Education, rehabilitation and development

Project: "Une nouvelle école pour Marfranc"

The project, now closed, provided the reconstruction of the preschool of Marfranc, in the Department of Grand'Anse. Due to Hurricane Matthew, that had hit Haiti in October 2016, the preschool run by the Petit Soeurs de St. Therese had been destroyed. It had to be made usable again, safer and more resistant to natural disasters. It was also necessary to repair the electrical system and the internal hydraulic system, and to provide the school with furniture. Fondazione PRO.SA had immediately helped with the school reconstruction. After gathering the construction material, not an easy task after a Hurricane, workers started on February 20, 2017 and on September 5, 2017, first day of the new school year, the school had reopened its doors to the kids of Marfranc!

Project"Post hurricane Matthew recovery project"

The general goal of Post-Hurricane Matthew Recovery Project is to support the community of Ranja in Jeremie after the devastation caused by the Hurricane that hit Haiti and the nearby islands on October 4, 2016. The project, supported locally by the Camillian Disaster Service International (CADIS), insists on the responsibility of the recipients, developing skills and potentials within the individual. The goal is to raise awareness about matters and challenges that the community has to face. The activities included in the project are therefore as follow:

1. Reparation of damaged homes and construction of temporary but safe shelters;
2. Improvement of the access to drinkable water sources for the community;
3. Implementation of ecological sanitation systems (EcoSan Toilets);
4. Development of resiliency skills in the families involved;
5. Strengthening of the activities in the agricultural cooperatives, in particular of the commercial ones.

Fondazione PRO.SA supports in particular the implementation and management of the ecological sanitation system (EcoSan Toilets).

The context

Marfranc is one of the districts of the Arrondissement of Jeremie, which is part of the Department of Grand'Anse. Being naturally exposed to natural calamities, like all the districts in the area, it has endured enormous damages caused by the passage of Hurricane Matthew. So did Ranja, located only 5km from the city centre and St. Camillus hospital, that is now facing the devastating consequences caused by the passage of Hurricane Matthew. Before the devastation caused by the Hurricane, Grand'Anse was already a victim of food poverty. About 46% of the areas of the Department suffered moderate food uncertainty and 18% of families presented frequent lacks of food. Children and mothers health is among the most alarming situations in all Haiti. In this area about 14.5% of children under 5 is underweight, while the national esteem is 11.4%. The country lacks an adequate system to reduce risks and of a preparation in the management of catastrophic events; the houses built are extremely vulnerable to meteorological phenomenon. Many people are therefore with no house, no shelter, but exposed to the rain and the heat of the sun. The Hurricane has caused serious damages to cultivations, livestock and properties; about 95% of animals and properties is gone.