Camillian home

Country: Thailand
Location: Bangkok - location of Lat Krabang
Beneficiaries: orphaned or disabled children from poor families

Nature of the project

Shelter and Social and Health Care

The Project

The project of the Camillian Home is conceived from the recognition that the determining factor in the work of assisting the growth and development of people with disabilities, is the creation of an adequate program of integration of the children with disabilities into the society, to help children to improve their quality of life and their physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual capacities. It is located on the outskirts of Bangkok and is one of the few existing centers in the country which specialize in helping disabled children without a family.
In addition to the programs for resident orphans, a project of day care was started for those children who, despite having a family, live in shacks and have no assistance. Every day, from the center, with a bus, a manager makes the rounds to collect the children of the countryside.
The physical health of an individual has fundamental importance and in the case of the disabled has it even more. At the Camillian Home children receive physical, psychological, occupational and educational therapy wherever possible, a lot of games, one breakfast, one meal and one snack. Children are brought back to life in a society where there is a strong marginalization of the disabled. Since its opening in July 2008, the requests for help have increased steadily. At the beginning of 2013 it was decided to expand the center to accommodate a greater number of disabled children without a family and to ensure the service of day care to 100 children.

The Context

In Thailand, the rights of people with disabilities have been recognized and addressed in the last 20 years, but their real needs are still unresolved and undefined. There are over 15 million people involved in this social and economic problem if we take into account both people with disabilities and their families.
Services for the disabled are the responsibilities of the Ministries of Public Health, Education and Employment. These services, derived from public or private structure, must ensure disables’ access to educational facilities, training, health care, rehabilitation services, vocational training, and recreation opportunities. Nevertheless, there is lack of cooperation and coordination of such services which do not allow to fully respond to the needs of the disabled with the result of little, or no, improvement in their quality of life. Another big obstacle in Thai society is the belief, typical of Asian culture, that the disabled person is a sign of disgrace to the family, a sign of "curse" that does not bring prosperity and which indicates a "fate", a negative "Kharma" for the family.
Government institutes are crowded with children and adults with disabilities that however, due to a lack of investment and qualified staff, do not receive adequate attention.
The disabled person is then hidden, not believing that the disabled can develop useful qualities to take care of oneself, and could be of help to others.

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