Who we are

The Foundation for the Promotion of Human Development and Health - PRO.SA NGO was incorporated on 15 November 2001 from the will of the Camillian missions of the Lombardo-Venetian province, to give better continuity to the work of the Camillian missions that are lasting more than fifty years and spreading across five continents.

The Foundation PRO.SA NGO:

  • carries out projects in the short and medium term in Developing Countries
  • promotes initiatives aimed at supporting the local training of citizens of developing countries: teachers for new set up schools in depressed areas of poor countries, nurses for health care facilities, experts for involving in the preventional programs
  • manages educational programs, education and development for children living at the margins of society
  • supports programs of care and medical assistance in hospitals and clinics that sprunged up in the poorest areas and in shelters for abandoned AIDS patients and misfits
  • helps initiatives to promote the involvement of volunteers and staff be allocated to the International Development Cooperation
  • in the case of humanitarian emergencies, the Foundation, in partnership with other organizations, supports integrated programs that aim at the link between emergency, rehabilitation and development



The Foundation for Human Development and Health is rooted in the profound conviction that it is the inalienable right of every person to have small or great opportunities to improve their living conditions, in particular the many aspects that relate to the training: from schooling to specialization and health: from nutrition to preventative care and assistance. The ability to carry out projects in favor of human dignity is not only a way to make it available to resources otherwise inaccessible but it is also, and above all, an act of justice towards those people who have lived, in long centuries of their history, a devastating exploitation without a corresponding return of fundamental welfare.

The Code of Ethics

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Codice Etico di Pro.sa