With your 5×1000 to PRO.SA Foundation, you can transform your signature into right to food, right to study, right to social security and justice in the Developing Countries.

Everybody could see just a scrap.
Rashid saw a motorbike.
Everybody could see just a ruin.
Anele saw a theater for dancing.
Everybody could see just illiterate girls.
Elena saw teachers.

Look beyond. Donate your 5X1000 to PRO.SA


Fill the 730 form, the CU (single certification) or the il Modello Unico (single standard model) and sign up in the box “Support volunteerism and other non-profit organisations of social utility…”. Do not forget to enter the tax code 97301140154


Schools and boarding houses in order to grant the right to study also to the children who live in rural villages, far from the city
Sustainable agriculture to promote development and environmental respect.
Nutritional and basic health-care programs for the families who live poverty and marginalisation.
Access to drinking water and sanitation programs in rural areas.
Promotion and professional training of women and programs against Gender Based Violence
Health assistance in the hospitals far from residential areas and purchase of medical equipment.


Whoever submits the income-tax return can donate the 5×1000 of the taxes to a specific non-profit organisation, entering the tax code in the appropriate space.

5×1000 do not substitute 8×1000. Therefore, you can choose both of them.

This year, the deadline for presenting the income-tax return is 30th September 2022 whether you submit a stardard 730 form, a pre-compiled one or the modello UNICO. 

For those who do not have to submit their tax return, it will be enough to deliver a 5×1000 supplementary sheet, contained in the CUD, to a bank or a post office. The sheet must be put in a sealed envelope with the writing “choice for the donation of the IRPEF’s 5×1000”, and with name, surname and tax code of the taxpayer and of the year which the certification refers to. The deadline is the same as the submission of the income tax declaration Modello UNICO.