Fight against hunger

The project is developed in the terrible reality of prisons in Ouagadougou, where Camillians give social and medical assistance to 1,500 inmates living in situations to the limits of human decency who have to take care of their own survival without any economic support. The jail provides a daily meal made of a portion of polenta. When ill, prisoners can only pay for treatments if their family are able to help them economically. Camillian missionaries have started an internal bread production cycle so that prisoners can raise their daily portion and also learn a job they will be able to do when out of jail.

Inside the bakery, every product is hand-made without the aid of machinery. Ovens are similar to those that can be found in villages but made of more durable materials. Inmates are divided into groups and take turns in learning to bake under the guidance of two paid master bakers. The baked bread does not only stay inside the jail but it is also successfully sold in town. Around 7.000 bread pieces are sold every month. The income covers 50% of the project’s costs.

The daily meal the 2.000 inmates are provided with has been supplemented with bread. A group of 10 prisoners are alternatively learning a job that enables them to reintegrate more easily once served their sentence. 4 women are selling the bread at the market and are therefore able to support their families.