Fight against hunger

The project is developed in the San Francesco d’Assisi Health Centre in Mangunde, in the Sofala-Beira province. Mangunde is a completely rural area and can be reached only by taking a 25 km gravel road from the National Road n. 1. People live on their crops, partially destroyed by floods originated from ‘Idai’ Cyclone in March 2019.

In the Health Centre clinic more than 10.000 patients are annually taken care of and 500 people get hospitalised. 1500 people with HIV/AIDS follow a specific therapy.

The beneficiaries of the program supported by PRO.SA Foundation are on average 130 children up to 5 years old, with bad to medium malnutrition issues. 60% of their mothers are HIV positive.

The number of malnourished children has been increasing since the passage of the cyclone which has left many families without their crops, the main source of income.

Sister Carla, the Combonian missionary managing the project, screens children entering the program on a monthly basis to assess their health conditions and nutrition improvements and teaches mothers how to prepare nourishing jellies and the basic hygiene norms.

She provides them with milk powder, foods and drugs if necessary, according to the children’s age and needs. Particular attention is paid to HIV+ mothers who cannot breastfeed to avoid transmitting AIDS to their child.

This is a nutrition project that raises awareness among mothers in terms of appropriate nutrition, hygiene and health.