COVID-19 Emergency

Ecuador is one of the countries with the highest rate of coronavirus cases in Latin America, after Brazil and Peru. It has one of the highest mortality rates per capita due to the pandemic. According to the data registered by the Ministry of Health of the country on 25th October, there are almost 162.000 positive cases and about 9.000 dead people.  However, the authorities presume that the deaths caused by the virus are many more and that this increase is due to the high level of immigration in the country and the contacts with countries like Spain.

In this context, the most vulnerable people, such as the thousand homeless and the 350thousand Venezuelan refugees, are much more exposed to the occurrence of the Covid-19 syndrome. Even the simplest hygienic preventive measures like the hand-washing can be a real challenge in those conditions, not to mention the difficulties which affected people’s dignity and the access to healthcare services.

Despite the efforts of the institutions in assisting the most deprived people, thanks to the intervention of the “solidarity brigades” which get the poorest districts to test the inhabitants, Quito remains the most seriously impacted city by the virus, where the number of infections is still increasing.

The San Camilo Hospice, which has been assisting the terminally ill in Quito for a few years, has 25 beds and ensures home visits for about 100 people and their families.

Since the public hospitals are full of infected patients, the facility has to face a large influx of patients in global palliative care. While supporting the national healthcare system, it keeps on taking care of people at home, bringing them medicines, food and personal protection equipment to stop the virus.

In order to support the precious work of the Hospice in Quito, PRO.SA Foundation is providing the patients and the medical staff with personal protection equipment, medicines and food to prepare specific diets.