In the Pakistani rural villages, children drink the same water of the beasts and the danger of contamination is very high. According to Unicef statistics, still today, 45% of children under 5 years suffer from growth retardation while 41% suffer from diarrhea, without getting oral rehydration or regular feeding. About 5.000 children show every day liver and stomach diseases caused by the consumption of dirty water. More than 5 million people are affected by hepatitis B and C. The main causes of children malnutrition are not only lack of food, poor sanitation, limited access to drinking water and hygienic services, but also inadequate care and feeding practices due to the lack of micronutrients.

PRO.SA Foundation has been engaged for years in developing projects which can guarantee access to drinking water for the villages in Faisalabad District.

Along with the implementation of water pumps, in Jang Sadar and in Josephabad the project spread good hygienic practices and increased the awareness about the risks of drinking dirty water. Moreover, sensitization campaigns and specific educational programs for children were promoted in many areas of the district. The number of beneficiaries is approximately 20 thousand.

The right to water is one of the fundamental human rights. Access to drinking water improves hygienic conditions and reduces infections and diseases, such as typhus and hepatitis. In Shadman Colony, children used to walk many hours to get drinking water from far villages, while now they can get it right on their area. Here, some voluntary electricians who live in the village installed ten pumps for 500 families of the colony.