Distance support

Haiti is not only the poorest country of the American Continent but together with many African Countries it is in the last positions of the Human Development Index. Over half of the population lives below the poverty line. The condition of children is particularly worrying, especially for disabled children and adolescents. It is not easy to be a child in Haiti: in the last ten years, natural catastrophes, epidemics and poverty deprived countless children of family care.

The distance support project includes nutritional and primary education programs coordinated by the École La Providence and the Foyer St. Camille of Port au Prince: where there is a primary school and a nutritional centre for pre-school activities.

The aim is to provide these children with education so that they can learn to manage their own lives when they grow up, in a country that frequently undergoes natural disasters such as hurricanes and related floods and earthquakes.

Most of them live in slums and often suffers from psychological issues due to the environmental and family context they live in.

Providing the project beneficiaries with safe and clean spaces, psychological support, school education and appropriate nutrition will guarantee an improvement of their lives with positive fallouts on their community.