COVID-19 Emergency

Covid emergency also affected Mexico, bringing down many families from Guadalajara, especially those of chronic renal failure patients who attend the “Salud Renal Integral Camilo de Lelis” Association (SaRI). This association was set up within the Centro San Camilo in Guadalajara in order to assist decently ill people who require regular haemodyalisis and do not have a medical insurance, offering them psychological and spiritual support.

Here, like in many other areas of the world, hunger kills more than Covid-19. Restrictive measures and the lockdown do not allow daily workers to go to work and consequently they are not able to purchase essential goods for their familes nor to pay for the treatment for their relatives at risk.

In order to respond to the economic emergency due to the pandemic, PRO.SA Foundation is supporting the fortnightly distribution of food parcels for the 100 families of the patients who attend the association and the payment of some haemodyalisis sessions. Moreover, in collaboration with SaRI, it keeps on offering psychological and spiritual help together with useful nutritional advice to better face the disease protecting themeselves from the virus.