COVID-19 Emergency

Last April Coronavirus pandemic came to Kenya. The number of confirmed cases is still low but Nairobi has been immediately closed and the government imposed numerous restrictions. This condition completely blocked tourism, the leading sector of the country.

In Nakuru the situation seems stationary, the boys and the girls of the Welcome to the Family are locked in their own compounds and have no contact with the outside. During the day, working in small groups, they cultivate corn, beans and sukumawiki for their sustenance. Moreover, 10 boys and girls from the WTF continue their beekeeping activities, while the activities at the Drop-in Centre are very limited.

In this period, educators are next to the children h24. The staff’s salaries are normally paid with the revenue from water sale (project “Right to water-Right to life”) but due to the health emergency, the water production activity was suspended in order to grant children’s security, therefore it has become very difficult to pay their salaries. Thanks to PRO.SA’s support it is possible to pay salaries, from April to August, of the 13 educators who live and work at the Welcome to The Family and to contribute to the purchase of rice and beans for the children’s canteen.