PRO.SA Foundation met Radha Paudel in 2018 and decided to act concretely in order to support an important project that she was about to start.

Radha Paudel is a health care professional and a Nepali activist who survived Maoist terroristic attacks and who has been dealing for years with the condition of women in Nepal. Among her numberless initiatives we were particularly interested in her fight for the recognition of the righ to a “dignified menstruation”.

In Nepal, as in many other countries, the menstrual cycle is taboo, something you shouldn’t talk about and you must keep secret.

During the menstrual period, women who belong to families of the Hinduist tradition are removed from their habitation and isolated in huts or stalls in extreme conditions.

This archaic tradition is called Chaupadi and it causes every year numerous victims and deep pain to millions of women who feel deprived of their own dignity.

We accompanied and financially supported Radha Paudel Foundation participating to the purchase of machines for the production of organic sanitary napkins that are freely delivered to women who cannot afford them.

Part of the production is sold in order to create an economic driving force that will help the foundation to establish an education system supporting women and to grant a salary to the female workers of the small production laboratory.

Last year, we created a virtuous cycle purchasing hundreds of organic sanitary napkins for poor girls who live in accommodating centres in Kathmandu.