Distance support

The Camillian Social Center is a hosting centre for people with AIDS, located in Rayong Province.
 After many battles for seropositive children’s rights – having demonstrated that antiretroviral therapy can allow every child to live – in 2005, the Camillian Social Center of Rayong was finally granted anti-AIDS cure for every child by the Thai Minister for Health. It is also true that without a parent or a tutor who takes care of these children, it is difficult to get social and health care.

Children impacted by AIDS are a problem in the Thai society because they are all potential orphans. Their parents cannot take care of them and their relatives often refuse them because of ignorance and poverty. The project aims at giving a chance to live to children with AIDS who have no chance left. The main goal of the centre is to create an environment where children can develop their potentialities growing with a good psychophysical balance, in the safeguard of the rights they have been deprived of.

We want to help poor children without any economic and affective security to have a life as normal as possible, supporting their education and literacy. In this way they can learn to manage their lives growing up and become important human resources for the society.