COVID-19 Emergency

Since 14th March 2020, the Rwandese Government imposed lockdown, closing churches, schools and centres for disabled people in order to grant citizens’ security and restrict the spread of the virus. The lockdown and the numerous restrictions brought down the whole population, especially the rural one and the families of the Urugwiro centre that earn a living day by day. To support families in this emergency, the centre director – agreeing with the municipality and thanks to PRO.SA’s contribution – organised the distribution of care packages containing: 12 kilos of corn flour, 6 kilos of beans, 2 litres of oil, 3 kilos sugar, 3 kilos sorghum flour, 6 kilos of soya flour, 2 kilos of salt and 2 packages with soap. A care packaging for a family is enough for two months.

Since 18th April 2020, the use of masks is compulspory to circulate, but their high cost makes them unaffordable for poor families. In the meanwhile, Urugwiro centre was partially reopened so that children could restart their physiotherapy sessions, but they absolutely need a mask to enter the centre. Thanks to PRO.SA Foundation it was possible to purchase the necessary materials to produce masks for the operators and for each beneficiary. In this way, activities can be carried out safely, protecting themselves and the others. Masks are produced by deaf people who work in the tailoring workshop of the centre. Besides, surgical masks, latex gloves and three infrared thermometers were purchased to take the temperature of all those who come to the centre.

At the end of July, when the number of infection was very law and the centre was ready to resume all its activities, the government imposed the implementation of paved and fenced washbasins, with sensor authomatic water taps, near to the main entrances, so that the beneficiaries can sanitize their hands before accessing the centre. PRO.SA, very well aware of the importance of the centre and its services for the local population, supported the construction of the washbasins right away. After supervising the work, the government authorised the reopening.