PRO.SA in italy

Global Citizenship supports a new model of citizenship based on full awareness of the dignity of the human being and of its belonging to a local and a global community, but also on an active involvement to gain a more just and sustainable world. The global citizens are people able to LEARN by connecting, to DO by thinking, to COEXIST by recognising, to BE by becoming, to TRANSFORM by imagining.

The Global Education Citizenship (GEC) proposal carried out by the PRO.SA Foundation – like many others organisations in the world – aims at integrating, in a coherent perspective, education for sustainable development (ESD), education to human rights, peace, interculturalism and gender,  taking into consideration the close link between them, as well as the increasing  interdependency among human beings on a planet whose sustainability is threatened. The main goal is to create a civic consciousness which can play an active role in the reduction of violence, in the elimination of abuse, exploitation and every other form of violence against women and children.

In Italy, in schools and youth centres, we promote didactic ECG paths which include a series of informative, awareness and training activities. The core themes of these activities are issues related to the interdependence between the North of the South of the world, poverty, development, human rights and social marginalization. We organise customised workshops according to the different targets, in order to encourage awareness about global citizenship, as source of inspiration for a feeling of belonging to a great community and for a shared humanity.

PRO.SA’s work aims at enhancing North-North and North-South cooperation through the development and the transmission of competences for the strengthening of an efficient system of capacity-building.