In 2017, the Tezza School of Karungu opened its doors to hearing-impaired children, using two of its classrooms to create a special school for deaf children. The school was started after the identification of 6 deaf children who used to wander in the villages without going to school because of negligence and discrimination, while other children were forced to work with lake fishermen risking their own lives.

Word of mouth in the villages made the school personnel aware of the presence of other deaf children who were completely isolated and marginalized. Within a short time, the children became 48, eighteen from the nursery school and thirty from primary school.

Teaching was very difficult because all the students were crammed in two small classrooms, in addition it was necessary to rent two sheet metal shacks as lodging for those children who live far from the school.

In 2018 the school was recognized by the Ministry of Education as “Tezza Special School”.

A few months later the number of children had already increased to 60 and a more decent place was needed for both the lessons and the lodging. Thanks to the National Fund for the Disabled of Kenya it was possible to purchase a land not far from Dala Kiye and to start the building of a Boarding School with classes, lunchroom and dormitories.

PRO.SA foundation supported the construction of bathrooms and the purchase of 31 wood desks, realized at the mission of the Passionist Fathers in Karungu. A perfect example of virtuous cycle which promotes sustainability and sharing. Moreover, two green houses have been recently implemented in order to start a school grocery activity.

The school currently accommodates 62 children and 6 teachers. Miss Millicent, the headmistress, has a long experience in the field of education because she worked for many years at St. Camillus Dala Kiye.


The majority of the children enrolled in Tezza Special School are orphans or live with very poor relatives or parents and the families cannot meet the health needs of every single child. Therefore, the project includes nutritional programs for all the children and regular health screening at St. Camillus Mission Hospital in Karungu.