One month Later…

Dear friends of the Pro.Sa Foundation,

It has been a month since the war broke out in Ukraine. A war that costs innocent lives on both sides and forces millions of people into exodus: elders, women and children are escaping from the bombing, leaving young men, husbands, brothers or fathers who have been called up into the army.

Since that 24th February, here at the Charitable Foundation of Ternopil, 479 people were given refuge, especially women and children who still hope to come back home soon. 650 are the refugees who asked for a hot meal and 925 those who were provided with medical assistance, food or sanitary kits, clothes, underwear, strollers or wheelchairs for those with special needs.

Ternopil is still a safe place for those who flee war zones. Shops are still open and we can buy everything we need to feed and help the dozen of people who come to us every day without anything, not even documents, asking for food, medicines, clothes, shoes… Many families are just passing by but we hear countless stories of families who do not intend to leave their motherland and have the right to stay there, waiting for the fire to stop and finally lead a normal life, next to their relatives. Maryna, for example, is pregnant and came to us alone asking to be accommodated for the delivery like all the other young mothers, who get here carrying their children in their arms, asking for their babies. We cannot forget them. It is our duty to help and welcome them, this is why we need you.

Here at the Charitable Foundation, we offer the refugees the three main meals and 24 hour beverage consumption; we deliver clothes, underwear, hygiene products and bear the healthcare expenses for seriously ill people. Diapers, baby food, hygiene-health kit and medicines for the little ones are urging. Thanks to the huge volunteer network we’ve been counting on for years, we provide psychological support for adults and organize play-therapy activities for kids.

It is impossible to know how long this war will last but we won’t give up. Every cents received allow us to meet the needs of all the  the refugees, being a safe, cosy and warm shelter for those living the war. A massive thanks to all the people who are ready to join us and one to those who have done it already, bringing light where darkness had appeared.

Fr. Andriy
March 24th 2022, Ternopil





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