Among the countries under the spotlight of the International Community, due to a rapid worsening of the epidemiological situation, there is Nepal. The districts with the highest increase of contagions are those bordering India. Hospitals are overwhelmed by the emergency, the lack of medical stuff and above all, oxygen. The Prime Minister launched an appeal so that anybody help them surface this moment of extreme difficulty. Yesterday, according to data from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the ratio between covid tests and new infections increased to 44% and the death toll is constantly rising, even among young people. Given the desperate situation, the National Mountaineering Association (NMA) made a plea last Monday: “We ask alpinists and sherpas to give back the empty oxygen tanks if possible, so that they can be refilled and reused for treating covid patients who desperately need oxygen”

Pro.Sa Foundation is granting to its local partner, Radha Paudel Foundation, the necessary funds for the purchase of 20 oxygen concentrators, 100 oximeters, 100 liters hand sanitizer and 7.000 surgical masks. We are also distributing food and sanitary kits to 50 mothers from Kathmandu, who live alone with their children. Since they cannot work because of the lockdown, they are struggling to survive.

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