Work in progress at the Medical Centre in Zanguerà, Togo.

Built in 2017 to rapidly and properly assist the most vulnerable groups from the surrounding villages, the medical centre is now in need of a well-equipped maternity ward to guide and prepare women for childbirth and take care of the newborns, in order to decrease the rate of maternal deaths, still very common, and the incidence of childhood diseases.

In 2018, a tiny dispensary was built to take care of pregnant women and newborns but the authorities that made an inspection in the building stated that it is not in accordance with the law. Therefore, the centre is being expanded and equipped with new rooms.

PRO.SA foundation is supporting the realization of a room for the vaccination of the newborns, until now vaccinated outdoor in unhealthy environments, a room where newborns are weighed and their postpartum growth can be followed up, a room for ultrasound checks for pregnant women and another room where mothers are taught how to take care of their babies from both a nutrional and a sanitary point of view. PRO.SA will also provide for the purchase of 4 tables: three for regular check-ups and one for the delivery room.