The initiative promoted by Unicredit: “1 vote, 200.000 concrete help” started a few days ago. Every year, Unicredit makes available 200.000 Euros for non-profit organisations registered to the portal IlMioDono, in order to support their projects.

This initiative involves everybody firsthand! Sharing the link among your relatives and friends, you can support Stop The Violence  project in Zambia. Last year we received 658 Euros thanks to you!

At this time of global health emergency, it is even more important to ensure healthcare assistance to the most vulnerable groups. So many women and young girls are still abused today and very often they cannot access adequate healthcare assistance.

With your support, together with Unicredit, we will give a “Help me kit” to every woman or girl, victim of abuse. The kit includes an echography, pain medication and surgical supplies for suturing.


Here is the link and an image you can share with some guidelines to vote!

You have until January 31st, 2021.

Link to Unicredit IlMioDono