The Foundation for the Promotion of Human Development and Health – PRO.SA NGO was established on 15th November 2001 at the behest of the Lombard-Venetian province of the Camillian religious order, to give better continuity to the work of the Camillian missionaries, who have always fought poverty in all its aspects.

The action put in place by PRO.SA Foundation with all its local partners is oriented to encourage the active involvement of the local population, in order to promote over time inclusive and non-assistance processes, with a specific consideration for the most vulnerable groups: children, women, elderly, ill people and people with disabilities. It is fundamental to create integrated programs which aim at linking nutrition, health, schooling and training so that local communities can be the authors of their own self-development.  

Three are the main actions which PRO.SA carries out to achieve the objectives set:

Acting with a professional and responsible approach for maximum effectiveness, which can respond to the real necessities and needs of those who will directly or indirectly benefit from it.

Recognize the needs of the local communities respecting their culture, their traditions and customs, through the pursuit of dialogue and collaboration with their own organisations in a culture of solidarity.

Operate with great impartiality at the service of others taking care of the weakest: children, women, elderly, ill people and marginalised.

During its years of activity, PRO.SA Foundation received many important juridical recognitions:


ETS (Third Sector Body) by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies. 

OSC (Organization of social utility) by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation

NPO (Social Non-Profit Organization) by the Revenue Agency

NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the value of the activities carried out in the field of the international development cooperation.